In the light of bank linkage program with PAVALAVADDI and VADDILENI RUNNALU, a huge amount of money is transacted by the SHG members in the name of total financial inclusion covering even the swapping of old debts. It is proud to inform that Govt. of AP leads in SHG Bank Linkage Program with 40% of all bank loans given to SHGs in India. The bankers are comfortable and testifying that the recovery rate is 99%. In this back drop, SHG women evince great interest in insuring the loans taken by the members from the Commercial Banks or from their own federations as a safety net against financial risks in the event of natural and accidental mishaps, to protect their children, family members from debt traps. Hence, the scheme shall be scaled up to cover each and every SHG member. The core objective of the scheme is to protect the family members of an SHG member from financial risks, in the event of her death, to safeguard the institution of SHG from repayment burden, when a borrowing members dies, to ensure the perpetuality of the SHG, providing loan insurance to all the borrowing member, to ensure 100% repayment at all levels even in the time of turbulence and to increase the size of loans to SHG members, by creating confidence among the Bankers.

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